Vidatox can also be used to prevent cancer as well


Vidatox can prolong survival and increase the quality of life


What You Should Know About Vidatox 30ch

VIDATOX 30CH is a homeopathic and biotherapeutic medicine designed as an alternative in the management of cancer in any stage that offers a different and less noxious method to combat the oncological diseases than the conventional therapies used so far. Vidatox was created by a team of researchers from the Company Labiofam, a Cuban pharmaceutical laboratory that for over 10 years are been seeking for an effective therapy in the battle against cancer. It’s active ingredient is a component of the scorpion venom, Rhopalurus Junceus endemic from Cuba and lethal for tumor cells.

Vidatox is designed to help:


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The most relevant factor that every patient complaint when cancer is the pain, that is why vidatox focused in this and one of his goals is to work as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory medicine. Along with this there are quite a lot of benefits including the interruption of the expansion and dissemination of the tumor, the fade of the most of the symptoms like nausea, lack of appetite, tiredness, swelling, irritability, even depression; in addition is the advantage to treat it to prevent the disease and not forget its effectiveness in other diseases.

Vidatox it’s nowadays one of the most helpful medicines in the cancer suppression along several countries around the world that it’s widely used by many patients with cancer with remarkable results.

This homeopathic medication has improved the quality of life and survival of cancer patients, providing pain relief in addition to improving their symptoms. 

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